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NH Plumbers and Electricians: The Best Friends You Haven’t Met Yet

elec Blog.jpgAsk NH Builders and they will tell you, Plumbers and Electricians are people that you don’t need until you really need them. It’s when you are desperate that you go scrambling online or in the phone book to find one. So in order to make the situation that calls for a plumber or electrician a little easier on you, find yourself a reputable and fair electrician and plumber now instead of later.

When you are standing in a foot of water in your bathroom you may not have the luxury of selecting the best plumber, and you are more likely to receive prompt attention and good work from someone that you already have a relationship with.

Get started by talking with coworkers, friends, and family about their experiences with plumbers and electricians in your area. Go online and find reviews of local plumbers and electricians and compile a list of prospective candidates. Consulting your local NH contractor or Builder is an excellent resource as well, as they know the buzz about these sorts of things better than most. Make sure that each is licensed, and insured. Remember that cheaper is not always better in this line of work.

Finish by making the calls, introducing yourself and asking questions about services offered, fees, estimates, and emergency situations. Write down all of the pertinent information along with the person’s name, number, etc., and keep in a safe and memorable place. Now rest assured in the fact that you can call on a reputable plumber and electrician that you can trust in both your projects and your home.