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Mason Bros Construction

Mason Bros Construction is a construction, remodeling and general contracting business family-owned and operated by Bruce and Lori Mason. The company , founded in 2001, started as a basic remodeling and building business and has now evolved to include specialized handicap accessible renovations for homes, and commercial building markets. Bruce has always been known as an “outside the box ” kind of thinker and this quality has served him very well in meeting not only the day to day problems that pop up, but has been invaluable in the design and creation of one of a kind solutions to help those who have a physical disability. Although we will be talking with your caregiver, our main focus will be in talking to you the end user, to help us design your project to help improve your quality of life. After all this project is for you.

State of NH Approved Medicare Provider

As the baby boom generation is sliding into their retirement years we understand how many choose to stay in the homes that they have raised their families in and what was once a very efficient and easy to use home now presents some obstacles. Almost none of these obstacles are insurmountable and we are prepared to work with you so you can stay in your home that you have enjoyed for so many years. We have a good understanding of the modifications needed for”aging in place” .and know that finding a contractor familiar with accessible construction and design can be a real challenge, but we understand your needs and can provide all the necessary services. You will deal only with us and we will be able to provide everything right down to the trim and paint.


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You have plenty of choices when it comes to choosing your remodeling and construction contractor in New Hampshire and we’d like the opportunity to prove to you why we are the best and one of the most sought after professional contractors in the area. For more about our services please visit our website at

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28 North River Lake Road
Nottingham, NH   03290
Phone: 603 942-7234
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