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Longchamps Electric

It is our combination of undivided customer focus, expert project management, technical mastery, and more than 3 decades of company evolution that distinguish us in the field. From its inception over 30 years ago, Robert O. Longchamps, founder, president and Master Electrician, has skillfully overseen the operations of his company. Today, he still plays a daily role in guiding his successful company forward, responding to the electrical needs of its diverse and ever growing customer base.

Commercial Industrial Institutional
Longchamps is a full service electrical contractor capable of handling projects of all sizes and scope. We have customers in all industries and are adept at working in all environments.

Longchamps Electric works with the customer to design an electrical infrastructure that precisely meets the needs of the customer. All companies are different and, likewise, so are their electrical needs. From a one-story office building to a multi-floor, multi-wing manufacturing plant, we can design and install an infrastructure to meet all your needs. By working closely with the customer or their agent, we can assure that no requirement goes overlooked.

Fast Track Projects
Longchamps excels at completing projects on time or ahead of schedule. We will take on fast track projects while others will not. Our experience at schedule management and resource allocation permit us to take on these challenging projects and successfully complete them within the fast track schedule.

On-Call Service Department
Longchamps understands that downtime due to electrical problems can be very costly to any company. In some instances, electrical related problems can even be hazardous to human life. We also realize that alterations, moves, renovations and other planned activities may have very small windows of time in which to complete a project. For those reasons we offer 24/7 service for both electrical and low voltage systems. Today, many companies work around the clock. We want our customers to know that we will be there when they need us, regardless of whether the time is 2pm or 2am.

Back-up Generator Installation
Many companies and institutions require a back-up electrical source. This back-up may be required to power only crucial systems, or it may be required to keep an entire company or hospital on-line and fully functioning. Longchamps Electric works with the customer to determine their back-up power needs and will install, test and maintain the appropriate back-up power generator.

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