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C&C Flooring

Whether you’re looking to install a new wood or bring your old one back to life, C & C Flooring has the expertise & experience to do the job. We want to add you to our long list of ecstatic customers.

We truly do it all… Small repairs & rooms to sanding, scraping, & stripping entire homes. We can beautifuly refinish or install the types of floors you're already familiar with (the Pines, Oaks, Cherry, Maples & Birches) – but we also specialize in custom designs for a more unique look. We’ll happily provide references.

Trust our expertise to make the process easy. We have worked on some of the most historic floors in NH. Ask for our commercial reference list.

Dustless Technology

C & C Flooring is proud to announce the latest in wood flooring/sanding technology. We're one of the only flooring companies in the state to offer this option to our customers. We're using the Eliminator Filtering System. It's an incredibly powerful filtration system which allows us to remove 99.9 % of the dust down to .5 microns.
So, if anyone in your home or office has asthma or allergies or simply doesn't like messiness, this is the perfect option. Customers love it because it's quiet to operate and keeps your home or business clean. All this adds to less disruption of your life.

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627 Somesville Street
Manchester, NH   03103
Phone: 603 625-1658
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